Planned website re-organisation in 2021

I have recently returned to my one name study after quite a long break while I completed by MSc in genealogy at Strathclyde University. Having taken the opportunity to look at my site with fresh eyes, and having responded to a number of queries from people over the last year or so, I decided that it needs to be re-organised. In addition, much of the data behind the site is held by myself and having recently seen a lot of emails about preserving one name studies I think that now is the time to clean everything up as much as possible and take advantage of the arrangements the Guild of One Name Studies have put in place to assist with this.

Tidying up my study and taking advantage of the 1921 census which, should be available at some point next year will keep me busy for some time. In the mean-time though my plan is to re-arrange and update the information I have on the main pages of the website. At the moment family groups are arranged by surname variants. This isn’t an exact science though, as within any one family group there are a number of different spellings of surnames, so it can be a challenge to find a specific family group or individual.

What I have done is review each of the family trees I’ve created so far to identify the earliest known ancestor in each one and where they are from. I have also looked more closely at where else members of these family trees can be found, including in countries outside the UK.

Finally, I now have a plan to create a set of different sections for my website which better reflects the origin of each of the family trees as shown below.

Note re abbreviations:

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