Sargesons of Nottinghamshire and beyond

This family group of Sargesons comprises two branches: 

  • the first headed by Jane Sargeson  is limited as I’ve been unable to find much information. She had an illegitimate son, William (born about 1759 in Girton, Nottinghamshire),  with the father named as Timothy Corney in the baptism record. It isn’t clear whether or not Jane and Timothy married.
  • and the other by George Sargeson (1759-1829) for whom there is a separate descendant report which can be downloaded:

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries George’s descendants seem to have stayed mostly in Nottinghamshire living in settlements near the River Trent. Then, most of them settled in Worksop where members of the family were carters and grooms. Some also settled in the Hunslet area of Leeds and worked in the iron foundries as labourers.

One member of the family, George Frederick Sargeson (1902-1978) spent time in both the USA and Australia before returning to the UK in 1960 when he gave his profession as manager. He later died in Hampshire.

Whilst I make every effort to verify the information included in these trees there is always the chance that I have made some mistakes. If you spot any or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.