Sarjantsons from Crowle in Lincolnshire and the nearby West Riding of Yorkshire

The records in this set of branches start in Crowle in the Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire. There are also a number of nearby places in the West Riding of Yorkshire, notably Adlingfleet and Whitgift, which feature in these trees. I have created two branches which start with Henry (born about 1648) and Richard Sargeson (born about 1650) respectively. Interestingly though the main surname variants in these trees are Sarjantson and Sargeantson and variants of these. There is a further tree based on Thomas Sargeson which I’ve been unable to develop very much as well as records of three women and their marriages which I’ve not included here. This is the Descendants of Thomas Sargeson report.

The branch for Henry’s family is the most extensive. This is the Descendants of Henry Sargeson report. Although the surname variant Sarjantson features prominently this is not the case with the family who emigrated to the USA. William Thomas Sarginson (1861-1947) took his family to Illinois in the USA where they became farmers.

The branch for Richard includes his son Richard (1682-1754) who seems to have moved to Whitgift and his branch of the family began to own land. This is the Descendants of Richard Sargesonreport. For example, his son, Richard Sarginson’s (1715-1809) burial record describes him as a miller and he seems to have owned property in the surrounding areas. Richard certainly had at least four children and one of them, Richard Sarginson (1752-1831), a yeoman, appears in a number of land tax records and helpfully left a will. Sadly, none of his sons went onto have male children. Richard left parcels of land to all his three children and the family farming interests seem to have been carried on by the family of his daughter Ann (1782-1865). Her son Sarginson Snow (1817-1893) was recorded as a farmer in Swinefleet in the 1881 census.

I do also have a number of records for the 17th and into the 18th century which seem to relate to these families which I have not yet connected to them. While the records I’ve found so far are not the earliest for Sarginson variants it does look like these areas of Lincolnshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire were also possible places where the Sarginson surname and its variants began to develop. I would like to develop these branches further. If you have any information which could help then do please contact me.

Whilst I make every effort to verify the information, I include in these trees there is always the chance I have made some mistakes. If you spot any or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.