Sergisons in Ireland and beyond

There are a large number of records relating to Sergisons in Ireland; many of which are now categorised as being in Northern Ireland. I have so far developed five branches of the family comprising the following:

  • John (Joannis) Sergison who was the head of a Roman Catholic family and probably had two sons also this has not been clearly proven. Both of them do seem to have served in the Army though. One of his sons, Holmes, moved to Salford in Lancashire where he was variously recorded as a cabinet maker or joiner. This is the Descendants of John (Joannis) Sergison report for his family.
  • Joseph Sergison, some of whose family recorded themselves as Presbyterians. Only two generations in Northern Ireland have been found. This is the Descendants of Joseph Sergison report.
  • John Sergison, also some Presbyterians in the family. Some of the family moved to Liverpool in Lancashire. One branch of this family, headed by Herbert Stanley Sergison (1883-1953) then went on to move to the USA. This is the Descendants of John Sergison report.
  • William Murray Sergison (1827-1878) – some members of the family were Methodist and others Presbyterian. This is the Descendants of William Murray Sergison report.
  • William Sergison (born about 1863 in Gibraltar) who is recorded in the 1901 and 1911 censuses living with his family in Belfast. In 1911 his sister Catherine (born about 1861 in Armagh) is widowed and living with him. This is the Descendants of William Sergison report.

I do also have some records which so far do not seem to “fit” into one of the above branches. If you know anything about the Sergisons in Ireland do please contact me.

Whilst I make every effort to check the source records carefully, I am conscious that mistakes can creep in. Do please contact me if you have any information which can help me improve these brnaches.