Kirkby Malham, West Riding of Yorkshire families

The records in this set of branches start in Kirkby Malham in the West riding of Yorkshire. They are some of the oldest I’ve found with some dating from the late 16th century although I haven’t been able to look at all of the original records to check form transcription errors. I have though managed to link together a series of records for one main branch in this set of records starting with Roger Serjantson. There are also seven other branches which start with individuals whose surnames are Sargeantson, although I’ve not been able to develop these very much. They are as follows:

The branch for Roger’s family is the most extensive. This is the Descendants of Roger Serjantson report. By the late 18th century members of the family had started to move away from the area with some of them settling in Keighley. Also at this time the surname variants start to include: Sargison, Sargeson and Sergeson. For example, two brothers seem to adopt different surname variants. John Sargeson (born about 1802 in Keighley) was an engineer in Bradford in 1851. By contract, his brother Robert Sergeson (1808-1864) was a spindle and flyer maker in 1851.

Another descendant also proved to be interesting: William Sargeson (1806-1886). He spent over 40 years working as a gardener at Trafford Park, Greater Manchester. His story is in my blog.

I do also have a number of records for the late 16th and early 17th centuries which seem to relate to these families which I have not yet connected to them. There are records from Kirkby Malham, Long Preston and Gisburn which seems to suggest that this area of the West Riding of Yorkshire was a key starting point for the surname so I would like to develop these further. If you have any information which could help then do please contact me.

Whilst I make every effort to check the source records carefully, I am conscious that mistakes can creep in. Do please contact me if you have any information which can help me improve these trees.