Sargesons of Calverley and USA

There are two branches of this family. In the early 18th century members of the family were baptised in the parish of Calverley in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The smallest family grouping is headed by John Sargeson (1629-1708) from Idle and I’ve only been able to find limited information for him, his wife and children. This is the Descendants of John Sargeson report.

The other branch is headed by Richard Sarginson (1635-1718) and he and his children were from a hamlet called Windhill in the parish of Calverley. This is the Descendants of Richard Sarginson report.

The majority of Richard’s descendants adopted the surname Sargeson. Towards the end of the 18th century many of them had moved to Leeds, about six miles away, and were living in the Armley and Holbeck areas. They were mostly working in the flax mills and clothing trade. By the end of the 18th century three members of the family had emigrated. The first of these was Thomas Sargeson (1841-1915) who emigrated to the USA in 1878 and was living at Niagara Falls when he died.

Two brothers: Walter Sargeson (1869-1961) and Harry Sargeson (1871-1950) emigrated to Rhode Island, USA. Walter petitioned for his naturalisation to be a US citizen in 1895, married and had two children. He was a tool maker in a machine shop in the 1920 US census His brother Harry also petitioned for naturalisation in 1893 and was a tool maker in a machine shop in the 1920 US census like his brother.  He married and had four children.

Walter and Harry’s brother Albert (1873-1953) also emigrated to the USA with his brothers but does not seem to have applied for naturalisation. He seems to have been back in Leeds in the UK by 1939 where he gave his occupation as textile machine assembler, retired. He seems to have married twice.

Whilst I make every effort to verify the information included in these trees there is always the chance that I have made some mistakes. If you spot any or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.