Central England

This section includes family trees where the earliest known ancestor has been traced back to one of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. They include:

Derby and Nottinghamshire family tree – headed by Thomas Serginson, although most of the surnames in the tree are variants of Sargeson, Sargison, Sergison and Seargison.

Sargersons of Cambridgeshire – primarily Ely and the surrounding area.

Sargesons of Nottinghamshire and beyond – including a branch which emigrated to Australia.

Sargersons of Lincolnshire and beyond – with some family members moving to Yorkshire and Canada.

Sargisons from three nearby counties – some of whom emigrated to Tasmania and New Zealand.

Sargissons of Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire and USA – includes a branch which moved to Iowa , USA. The records in this tree also go back to an early surname variant: Sargisonne.

Sarjantsons from Crowle, Lincolnshire and the nearby West Riding of Yorkshire – the two main branches have been traced back to the mid 17th century.

Serginsons in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire – the earliest records in this tree date from mid 16th century and include some unusual surname variants. Later members of the family adopt the surname Serginson.

The prime surname variants in these trees include: Sargeson, Sargison, Sargisson, Sarjantson and Serginson.