Sarginsons from Aysgarth and beyond

This particular family group seems to have its origins in the North Riding of Yorkshire and specifically around Aysgarth in the Yorkshire Dales. The earliest ancestor that I’ve found so far is William Sarginson (1640-1719) and this is the Descendants of William SarginsonAysgarth&beyond report. The most prevalent surname variant is Sarginson with a limited number of Sargisons.

Over time the family have migrated to other parts of the UK as well as emigrating to Canada /USA, and Australia.  The Canadian branch of the family seems to stem from William Sarginson (1807-1875) who first appeared with his family in the 1851 census in Ontario, Canada. His grandson Francis Joseph Sarginson (1886-1943) seems to have died in Michigan, USA. In addition, . Walter Sarginson (1884-1942) emigrated to Australia and died in Victoria, Australia.

While I make every effort to verify the information included in these trees there is always the chance that I have made some mistakes. If you spot any or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.