Sargisons from three nearby counties

There are four family groups which seem to have both originated where the counties of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk meet near The Wash.

The first of these groups is headed by Robert Sargison (1742-1793) who was buried in Long Sutton in Lincolnshire on 14 April 1793. So far, I haven’t been able to find a baptism record for him. With his wife Mary he went onto have at least eight children. At least two of his sons seem also to have spent time in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire which is about eight miles away. This is the Descendants of Robert Sargison report.

One of Robert’s granddaughters, Mary Ann Sargison (1793-1828) married Thomas Teed (1791-1854) who was a baker in Wisbech.

Two of Robert’s great grandsons emigrated to New Zealand: Alexander Thomas Sargison (1836-1912) and Thomas Albion Sargison (1840-1883). Alexander was recorded as a confectioner when he joined the Freemasons in 1880 and together with his wife had one son. Thomas also joined the Freemasons in 1876 where his occupation was recorded as musician. He does not seem to have married.

Alexander and Thomas’s Uncle Samuel Sargison (1808-1891) had also emigrated to the Southern Hemisphere probably before they were born; although in his case this was to Tasmania. Together with his wife Elizabeth they had at last six children and Samuel was a publican.

The second family group is headed by Thomas Sargison (ca 1755-1799) for whom I’ve been unable to find a baptism record. He was buried in Terrington St Clement, Norfolk. Which is about 8 miles from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire and 8 miles from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. Thomas’s son Robert Sargison (1793-1869) was a miller and his wife Amy came from Walsoken. They had at least four children all of who’s deaths were recorded in Wisbech. This is the Descendants of Thomas Sargison report.

The third family group is headed by Michael Sargison a farmer and is the smallest group in this locality. This is the Descendants of Michael Sargison report.

The fourth family group is probably headed by Mary Sargison who does not seem to have married Michael Gray. I’ve not been able to find much information on her. It seems that her son Michael, despite being baptised Gray, later went onto use her surname. This is theDescendants of Mary Sargison report.

Several descendants of Michael emigrated to New Zealand and settled in Dunedin, Otago which is in the South Islands. One of their descendants has collected together information about the family on Grafters All. Do check it out if you are interested in this family.

Whilst I make every effort to check the source records carefully, I am conscious that mistakes can creep in. Do please contact me if you have any information which can help me improve these trees.