Researching my family history has become something of a passion. I have followed many lines in my family tree and found out a lot about my ancestors. This site is the one name study for the family Sarginson; together with the surname variants: Sargison/Sargisson, Sargeson/Sargerson/Sargenson, Serginson/Sergison/Sergenson/Sergentson, Sarjantson (has many variants) and Surgison.

I have set up a DNA project at Family Tree DNA and would be pleased if other members of the Sarginson family would share their DNA results with me to see if we have ancestors in common. Further information can be found here.

This site contains information from my own family research as well as for other families I have come across. Interestingly, the surname Sarginson, and its many variants, does not have one single point of origin. The family trees on the site have been arranged geographically to reflect where the earliest known ancestor in that tree came from.

Along the way I have also found out other  information about my family members and these are documented on my own family history site.