About Joan


Researching my family history has become something of a passion. I have followed many lines in my family tree and found out a lot about my ancestors. This website is the one name study for the surname Sarginson and its variants. As my research continues I will add more information about the people and places where Sarginson families lived. I am currently researching other family groups.  If anyone has any information about other family trees please do get in touch.

A number of sources[1][2][3] suggest that Sarginson and its variants are derived from a Middle English word – sergent – meaning servant. In addition, the Forebears[4] website indicates that it comes from a nickname, son of the Sergent, for example, like Smithson does. It also seems that this class of names are particularly prevalent in Yorkshire.

A recent project called the ‘Family Names of the United Kingdom’, run by the Bristol Centre for Linguistics in the University of the West of England, has resulted in a new book on surnames published by the Oxford University Press. It makes for interesting reading and is worth consulting if your library has one. As I am researching a Yorkshire surname, George Redmonds’ book on Yorkshire surnames is a good resource. His view is that Sarginson and its many variants are based on the ‘son of the sergeant’ where ‘sergeant’ could be a ‘serving man’ or a ‘court offical’. It is certainly true that I am finding many Sarginson’s and their variant surnames in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Cumberland.

Just also a note to say that I also have a website for my own family research. In addition, I have completed an MSc in genealogy, palaeography and heraldic studies with the University of Strathclyde and am a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists.

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