Sarginsons in Cumberland and Westmorland

There seem to be at least five branches of Sarginsons originating in Cumberland and Westmorland with over 1000 people in them. So far, I haven’t found a common ancestor for them all and there are also a number of surname variants in each of the branches; they do mostly seem to eventually settle on Sarginson though which is why I’ve included them in this section of the website. The five groupings are as follows:

  • Descendants of Joseph Sergantson report – this is the largest grouping with Joseph’s children born in both Westmorland and Cumberland which could mean there is more than one Joseph although that has been difficult to determine.
  • Descendants of Timothy Sergeantson report – Timothy seems to have been baptised in a non-conformist Independent Chapel at Huddlesceugh, part of the parish of Kirkoswald.
  • Descendants of George Serjesonreport – George’s children were all baptised in Greystoke in Cumberland and it wasn’t until the 1800s that the family surname seems to settle on Sarginson.
  • Descendants of John Surgeon report – although John’s children were baptised in Wetheral in Cumberland, by the mid-1800s, some of his descendants had moved to Lancashire. A branch of the family, headed by John Sarginson (1849-1920) emigrated to Spokane, Washington, USA.
  • Descendants of Ann Serginson report – Ann’s illegitimate son John was baptised in 1754 in Lazonby, Cumberland. John’s grandson John(athan) Serginson (1798-1868) seems to have spent some of his time living in St Croix in the Virgin Islands as at least three of his children were born there.

There are many interesting people in each of the five branches. A selection of them is included in the following paragraphs.

Joseph Sergantson’s descendants

This is the largest branch of the trees in Cumberland and Westmorland and some people of note within it are as follows:

  • Ewbank (Eubank) Sargenson (born about 1755) served in the Cumberland Militia and was a Royal Hospital Chelsea pensioner.
  • Ewbank’s Great grandson William Henry Sarginson (1850-1924) had been appointed, by 1894, as the Assistant Superintendent Postal in Toxteth, Liverpool. William’s sister Alice (1857-1910) married Robinson Parker Graham (1855-1938) who was recorded as a school master in the 1881 census. Another brother, Thomas (1844-1917), became a boot and shoemaker in Penrith, Cumberland as described in the 1891 census.
  • Thomas Sarginson (born about 1808 in Dacre, Cumberland) became a veterinary surgeon, as did one of his sons: Thomas (born about 1835).
  • Thomas Sarginson (1835-1869) – a vet who committed sucide.
  • Raymond Sarginson (1908-1967) emigrated to Canada at the age of 17 when he was described as an office boy on the passenger list for the SS Montcalm (Canadian Pacific Steamship Line) which left England on 26 March 1926 bound for the port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. His obituary in The Ottawa Journal dated 18 February 1967 refers to him as being a member of the National Research Council.

Timothy Sergeantson’s descendants

Two siblings are interesting in this tree:

  • Jane Sarginson (born about 1817) married Joseph Peal (born about 1815) who was recorded as a surgeon dentist in the 1881 census in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland.
  • Timothy Sarginson (1821-1895) was recorded as tailor in Penrith, Cumberland in the 1871 census.

George Serjeson’s descendants

Within this family there are a father and two sons who followed similar trades: that of being plumbers and glaziers in Penrith in Cumberland. They were John Sargenson born about 1781 and his sons: John (born about 1810) and George (1814-1874).

In addition, it is possible that one of his sons Richard emigrated to Glengarry County in Ontario Canada – see this blog post.

John Surgeon’s descendants

This branch of the tree has proved difficult to research and there are a number of Surgeon’s in Wetheral, Cumberland and Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland who I’ve been unable to connect into it. One notable person though is John William Sarginson (1874-1927); he was born in Lancashire and arrived, aged about 13 in the USA in 1888, with his parents John Sarginson (1848-1920) and Sarah Wilshaw (1848-1924) and sister Ruth ((1876-1959). John settled in Spokane, Washington, USA.

Ann Serginson’s descendants

Finding information for Ann herself has been problematic so the top end of this report does need more work. Two people of particular interest are:

  • John(athan) Serginson (1798-1868) was baptised in Penrith, Cumberland and married Elizabeth Lancaster and spent some time in St Croix in the Virgin Islands before settling back in Cumberland where he was a yeoman farmer.
  • Isaac Sarginson (1828-1904) emigrated with his family and settled in Otago, New Zealand.

Whilst I make every effort to verify the information included in these trees there is always the chance that I have made some mistakes. If you spot any or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.