Sargeson trees

This grouping of trees includes people with primarily the surname variants: Sargeson, Sargerson and Sargenson. There are eight trees in this grouping, five of which have a significant presence in Yorkshire. They are as follows:

  • Sargeson – based around Hotham in East Riding of Yorkshire and includes a family who ran the Hotham Arms in the late 19th and early 20thcenturies..
  • Sargeson – based around Cottingham, Sculcoates, Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire and beyond. It  includes a number of people who worked as fishermen and in the fish trade.
  • Sargeson – Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire – headed up by Thomas Serginson, although most of the surnames in this tree are variants of Sargeson, Sargison, Sergison and Seargison.
  • Sargeson – from Calverley and Leeds in the West riding of Yorkshire and the families who emigrated to the USA.
  • Sargeson – based in Nottinghamshire and then further afield to Australia.
  • Sargerson – based around Lincolnshire and beyond.
  • Sargerson – lived in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
  • Sargenson – based around Rotherhithe with the main branch being a family of coopers.

Please note that all information in the trees has been sourced from FreeBMD and other sources: