Serjeantsons of Snaith, Wakefield and Hanlith

I found Reverend Robert James Serjeantson (1803-1861) in the Snaith parish records while i was looking for records of Sarginsons (and its variant surnames) for my own one name study. This family tree has been constructed using the Snaith parish records and relevant census records. It also links into the Serjeantson database held by Ancestry which can be accessed through their stories, memories and histories dataset. This dataset is based on the research carried out by the Reverend Robert Meyricke Serjeantson, whose grandfather William (b1796) was Robert James’s brother. Thhe Reverend Meyricke’s research was privately published in 1908.

In the family tree I’ve constructed I have therefore just included information about the Reverend Robert’s parents and grandparents as these provide enough information to enable interested parties to explore their ancestors using the Serjeantson’s of Hanlith records on Ancestry.