Home on Spalding Moor Family Tree

The Descendant Report for Thomas Sergetson (1727-1807) shows a family group which is primarily based around Holme on Spalding Moor and the nearby village of Spaldington. Farming seems to have been a key occupation for the family and Joseph Sergison (1783-1866) appeared in the 1857 Post office directory as a farmer in Arglam Lane. Arglam itself is a hamlet two and a half miles south west of Holme on Spalding Moor. His son George (1811-1880) also carried on with the farm after his death. Other family members lived in Foggathorpe and Spaldington, both part of the parish of nearby Bubwith.

The furthest back in time I have been able to go with this tree is to Thomas Sergetson who has an unusual variant of the surname I’m researching. This is a small group of people who mainly have the surname variants Sargison and Sergison. I do think it’s likely that this tree does link somehow to other family trees for this part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. I haven’t been able to find that link yet though. If you spot any mistakes with this tree or have any further information you are willing to share with me then do please contact me.