Serginsons and Sergensons from Lancashire and Westmorland

There are two family groups who largely seem to have settled in Lancashire. The first of these was the family of John Serjantson (born about 1735); with his wife Ann he probably had at least three children all born in Colton, Lancashire. While many of his descendants took the surname Serginson, there are other surname variants in this family group. This is the Descendants of John Serjantson report.

One branch of the family headed by James Sarginson (1811-1877) left Lancashire for Staffordshire where he gave his occupation as warehouse packer in the 1861 census. His effects were worth less than £300 when he died in 1877.

The second family group is headed by William Sergeneson (born about 1755). Together with his wife Isabel, they had at least eight children all baptised in Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmorland. Some of his children remained in Kirby Lonsdale but others moved to nearby places in Lancashire. The prime surname variants in this branch are Serginson and Sergenson. This is the Descendants of William Sergeneson report.

While members of the family were either farmers, worked on the land or in allied trades like being a blacksmith, some did leave Westmorland and Lancashire to work elsewhere. For example, Robert Sergenson (1870-1951) was born in Bradford, Yorkshire and in the 1911 census gave his occupation as a wool buyer,

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