badge_webResearching my family history has become something of a passion. I have followed many lines in my family tree and found out a lot about my ancestors. This website is the one name study for the surname Sarginson and its variants. As my research continues I will add more information about the people and places where Sarginson families lived. I am currently researching other family groups.  If anyone has any information about other family trees please do get in touch.

A number of sources[1][2][3] suggest that Sarginson and its variants are derived from a Middle English word – sergent – meaning servant. In addition, the Forebears[4] website indicates that it comes from a nickname, son of the Sergent, for example, like Smithson does. It also seems that this class of names are particularly prevalent in Yorkshire.

However, surnames and their origins have so far not been well researched in the UK. The Oxford University Press though is planning to publish a book on the origins of surnames later this year. It will be based on a project called the ‘Family Names of the United Kingdom’ which is run by the Bristol Centre for Linguistics in the University of the West of England. I look forward to its publication and will return to this topic once it is available.

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